Can you say glamour? Honestly, I debated sharing these videos, because the early weeks after baby are often challenging, raw and not always very “instagrammable.” But this community is all about creating a safe space to talk about all the nitty gritty of mom life, especially for new mamas who are really in the trenches! While not every mom is going to relate to every video, my hope is that if you are a mama who is struggling with feeding or suffering from mom guilt or dealing with anxiety that these videos can help you recognize that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. XO


Postpartum Self-Care

Survival Tips for New Moms

Week 3 Postpartum Update

The Newness Begins to Fade

Week 4 Postpartum Update

It’s OK to Lose Your Shit

Week 5 Postpartum Update

I Just Want to be Left Alone

Breastfeeding 101

Week 6 Postpartum Update

I Love My Baby, but I’m Over Everything

Week 7 Postpartum Update

It’s OK to Say No!

Week 8 Postpartum Update

How You Feed is Nobody’s Business

Week 8.5 Postpartum Update

It’s OK to be Selfish

Week 9 Postpartum Update

Embrace Your Mom Guilt

Deciding to Have Another Baby

Week 10 Postpartum Update

Mom Bod Blues

Week 11 Postpartum Update

The Anxiety is Real

Week 12 Postpartum Update

Serious Mama Overwhelm

Postpartum Anxiety at Four Months

Going From One to Two Kids

Week 16 Postpartum Update

My Anxiety at Four Months

Week 24 Postpartum Update

Overjoyed, Dazed, & Confused

Six Month Anxiety Update

My Real Life Anxiety Attack

Week 36 Postpartum Update

Nine Months On

Week 52 Postpartum Update

Celebrating My New Normal