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Forces of Mama Nature


Prior to having a baby, I was blissfully callous.


I could watch CNN Breaking News Alerts, Dateline murder mysteries, and pretty much every episode of Grey’s Anatomy without shedding a tear. Yes, even this scene.


(The only exception to this is those horrific Sarah McLachlan ASPCA ads with video of sad puppies and kittens from behind chained fences…but to be fair, even Sarah McLachlan can’t sit through that commercial without sobbing.)


Since my daughter was born, I’ve become hyper aware of everything I hear, read, see, and even smell (Is that gas? Smoke? Did someone just paint?). I’ve basically become a female version of Bradley Cooper in Limitless. I’m emotionally limitless. I’m a black hole of feelings. So. Many. Feelings.


These days I can barely watch the news anymore without wondering how I would be able to manage another person’s tragedy or struggle. Or even worse, what if my daughter had to one day endure loss or pain of her own…without my guidance, support and love.


And don’t even get me started on those damn P&G “Thank You, Mom” commercials. UGH. [ I watched the video again while hyperlinking, and my husband walked out of the room as I began sobbing.]


For a time, I shut off all the outside noise. I turned inward and decided to focus on all of our blessings, and ignored all those things that made me feel. I couldn’t do a damn thing about any of it anyway. Right? Tallulah was going to sit her ass in her crib until she was approximately 46-years-old, and then she and I could discuss a possible toddler conversion…probably over a couple dirty martinis.
OK, so living in my own personal vacuum wasn’t going to be sustainable, but ingesting all the hardships in this world could drive anyone over the edge.


That’s when my good friend Nicole reached out with an opportunity to check out an “Alliance of Moms” event, but not before a chilly glass of Sauv Blanc. To be honest, I didn’t know much about AOM, but I did know quite a few things about happy hour.


Long story short, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that I ended up crying that night. But this time, I was totally OK with it.


Alliance of Moms is an amazing collection of women who have come together to put a stop to the cycle of babies born to young women in foster care. The statistics are staggering: 75% of girls in foster care are pregnant by 21, and 40% of the babies born to those girls will enter the foster care system themselves.


This organization began with five LA women—all mothers—who decided that this was totally unacceptable, and, even more, that there was something THEY COULD DO to help.


I sobbed that night because I learned about a young woman who had her child taken away—a child she had because, like many young girls in foster care, she was looking for a family of her own.


Given her childhood, she was not only without the tools necessary to become a young mother, she didn’t even realize that she was missing them. Eventually she lost her young child to the foster care system. That’s how this vicious cycle works.


With the help and support of Alliance of Moms, that particular young woman is on the path to be reunited with her child this year and is ready to begin their life as a family.


But that’s just one small example of everything that Alliance of Moms is doing. Through educational events and workshops for pregnant and parenting women in foster care—like Raising Baby, Raising Foodies, and Mama + Babe—Alliance of Moms is giving these young mothers the tools they need to be the best parents they can be.


Alliance of Moms is giving these women the greatest gift any young mama could ever receive…a bright, hopeful future for their children.


I’m beyond proud to be co-hosting an event this Wednesday in Los Angeles to support Alliance of Moms, and so honored to have joined this wonderful community of bad ass mama activists who aren’t tuning out the noise…and instead turning the spotlight on this extremely important cause.


To learn more or how to help, please go to


But do yourself a favor…while surfing the web, avoid any Sarah McLachlan.




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Are you not like a regular mom?

Cool, me too! Subscribe now to Unpacified for exclusive tips, tricks, and info on upcoming events.
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